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Time Warp Help

What is a Time Warp?

For Time Machine, a time warp is a tour through the timelapse which can span time and/or space. You can create time warps to illustrate and emphasize interesting or important events in the timelapse. Time warps can go forward or backward in time (or both!), and can have textual annotations to describe what is happening at that point in time and space.

How to Play a Time Warp

Timelapses which have time warps will have links on the page to play the time warps. A time warp link will be underlined and followed by this small 'play button' image:


You can play a time warp simply by clicking on the link. To stop the time warp during playback, click on the stop button beneath the viewer.

Creating and Editing Time Warps

Clicking the "Editor" button on the right side of the viewer will bring up the tour editor. For instructions and tips on creating tours, please refer to this tutorial.