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Braving a forecast of heavy rains, some 1619 kayaking Pittsburghers formed the largest flotilla in the world on June 5, 2010.

World record is set at 11:43.

The heavens let loose at 11:48.

If you're one of the kayakers, zoom to find yourself and use the Time Warp tool below to record your path. Mail it to us and we'll at it to this page.

About this Time Machine

Shot by Randy Sargent and Paul Heckbert with a Canon G11 camera without a GigaPan pan/tilt, each frame is only 10 megapixels, so this isn't as zoomable as most of the other Time Machines. Time between frames is 4 seconds, and replay is 25FPS, yielding a timelapse speedup of 100x. Original imagery was shot 1 frame per second; we skipped 3 of every 4 for this video.