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New datasets, complete and in progress

2011 Dec 5: Cave Excavation S1 (Subsampled 16x -- very low res) Matt Sisk's cave excavation timelapse #2, with keyframe GigaPans every single steps (i.e. each GigaPan is aligned only to the previous). Looks better than S3. "Next step is to rerun at full resolution, and at slower frame rate (3 FPS?)"

2011 Dec 5: Cave Excavation S3 (Subsampled 16x -- very low res) Matt Sisk's cave excavation timelapse #2, with keyframe GigaPans every 3 time steps. Looks significantly better than the one stitched with two master panoramas. Zoom into the bucket around 3.5 seconds and see a one-frame misalignment.

2011 Dec 5: Raking Leaves Shot by MJ, DHD rakes leaves in this first test of the 3-camera rig. Aligned using standard stitching, with keyframe GigaPan every 10 time steps. Watch for some motion and inconsistency in the stitching; "we should try to find the best alignment and apply it across all image sets since we believe the cameras are locked down."

2011 Dec 4: Slime Mold Shot by Janet Steven, single-frame T2i. Frame rate slows twice while capturing. No alignment performed. Missing leader, so zooming may be slow on Chrome unless you have a great network connection.

2011 Dec 3: Seed Germination Shot by Gene Cooper with his Macro rig, with focus stacking.

2011 Nov 30: Vancouver Harbor Shot by Ronnie Miranda, this is the fastest-rate Time Machine shot with an Epic Pro -- one frame every 80 seconds.

2011 Nov 18: Dairy Bush Weekly timelapse shot by Alex Smith. Manually placed each week with an Epic 100. Has significant alignment problems. We should try restitching with different strides.

2011 Nov 12: Ants Janet Steven's ant timelapse. Is missing some frames towards the beginning which she has sent us. "Next step might be to add the new frames to the beginning and restitch"

Cave Excavation Matt Sisk's Timelapse #2, stitched with two master panoramas. Significant alignment issues.

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