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Create a Time Machine

You can create your own Time Machine imagery -- gigapixel scale video, perhaps shot in timelapse from a GigaPan device, or perhaps from some other data source you have.

To find out more about shooting timelapse, gigapixel imagery for GigaPan Time Machine, see Timelapse GigaPan HOWTO. We'll help you stitch your imagery and make it ready for serving to the world here at

If you have other sources of very-high-resolution image frames or video and would like to share with the world here at, contact us for help bringing your imagery to our server and making it ready for serving.

Create a Time Warp

On any of the Time Machines you find in Main Page, scroll to the bottom and you'll find a Time Warp editor. The Time Warp editor lets you select keyframes, and build and animated tour through time and space to share. You can save an load Time Warps, and if you create one you think would be of general interest, email us and we'll put you in touch with the page author. Learn more at Time Warp Help.


Contact us at